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XLOC, Inc. is a company that offers localization services and
proprietary software tools to game developers and publishers.

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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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XLOC: A Cross Platform Video Game Localization Solution

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XLOC is a proprietary suite of agile, web-based localization applications and tools that manage the asset integration and build process across all games, regardless of development structure, format or platform. By automating the processes, XLOC saves time, reduces development risks, and lowers maintenance and translation costs. Localization and Studio Producers get detailed insight and control over all facets of the process, enabling them to focus on the higher details of managing the localization effort. Additionally, XLOC’s custom integration and translation packages provide your QA and developers with ongoing parallel-localized game files so there should be no surprises when trying to create foreign SKUs.

XLOC 4.0 builds upon the capabilities of previous XLOC versions, developed from the ground up to satisfy the rigorous demands of game localization. Our newest version offers:

  • Upgrades to .Net 4.0, which provides heightened security to all users.
  • Fuzzy Matching on a string-specific level, as well as global population.
  • Advanced search options that allow users to search through Source and Translation notes.
  • Enhanced search and seek time, especially useful for large databases, like MMO development.
  • Updating the translation download page by adding more filters and download format options.
  • Improving user interface.
  • Audio/Asset Integration which allows users to track Audio or Art assets assigned to a specific string in the database.
  • XLOC API for seamless integration of developers' tools and processes.
  • Continuous tracking of historical data.

Our customizable localization management solution – with its 45 years of localization experience built in – streamlines localization processes. As developers provide their latest assets, XLOC dynamically synchronizes with these localized game resources, proactively generating current and changed asset lists and separating the translation effort from game asset format specifics.

For Technology Executives - XLOC Customizes to Any Game Development Process

XLOC was developed with a clear understanding of the demands of a developer’s fast–paced, ever–changing creative environment, and with the intention of giving developers maxiumum flexibility. XLOC is an organizational management system that streamlines localization processes and allows for developers to consistently and confidently produce high-quality localizations – working how they like to work – in far less time. Meanwhile, producers, armed with detailed insight and control over all facets of the process, can focus their attention on other critical aspects of the game.

For Business Executives - XLOC Lets you Cash in on the Global Market

Simultaneous shipment of all language versions of a game, in all platforms, around the world, is an ideal few companies actually achieve. XLOC can help make that goal a reality by providing the perfect solution. Our software and consulting services automate the time-consuming, error-prone mechanical processes of localization – saving significant time and money. The result? Game publishers can ship their international SKUs simultaneously with their main SKU and immediately cash in on the full potential of the global marketplace.


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