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XLOC, part of the Keywords Studios group, is the leading provider of web-based global localization management solutions for the international video games industry. XLOC is a flexible video game localization management solution. Our proprietary suite of agile, web-based localization applications and tools streamline the asset management, integration and build process across all games, regardless of development structure, format or platform.

With XLOC you can manage the localization of your game in multiple foreign language versions simultaneously with your language-based main SKU. Having a single source of truth for all your content and a centralized management platform where all teams collaborate with live status-updates streamlines the process and keeps change under control all around your organization.

XLOC streamlines the localization process and facilitates the worldwide simultaneous release of titles on multiple platforms in multiple languages. XLOC also reduces development and translation costs, as well as possibility of human error, with real-time updates to the master files. Teams can localize games and bring titles to market faster, to a broader market, with a better experience for the end-user, to capture more revenue.

Why spend the time and money when you could be focusing on developing your game or new titles? We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you in terms of the complex programming, research and people-hours involved in building an agile localization solution. XLOC is customized to integrate seamlessly with any development process. And hundreds of satisfied customers can attest to the fact that our proven processes and web-based solutions save significant time and money while delivering on the promise of the highest-quality localizations.

You can start using XLOC at any point during or after development of a title because it is customized to your project and process. However, there are significant benefits to integrating XLOC early in the process, as building localization into your master timeline fosters a smoother, more comprehensive approach to simultaneous distribution and will likely save you significant time and resources.

Yes! Prior to starting an engagement with XLOC, all parties sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) stating that neither party will share or use proprietary information for any purpose other than managing the localization process. We will work with your internal IT department to ensure safety of assets, which may include VPN-only access, ONELogin solutions or the like. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the security of your data.

No. XLOC is a web-based application that does not require installation of software or applications onto end-user hardware. For most users, XLOC requires only Microsoft® Office and a web browser.

Absolutely! XLOC provides server space, which we keep highly secure and protected via our local data center partner, Peak 10. Contact us for info on server rental options.

XLOC integrates seamlessly with all major game engines. Have your own internal game technology? No problem. Our experts can easily customize your XLOC solution to integrate smoothly with your internal tools and processes. Automated hooks between XLOC and your game engine is coming soon but API functionality is available right now to do the same thing!

XLOC includes a customization feature so that it can adapt easily to any format.

No. XLOC is a process management solution; not a translation house. We can connect you to Keywords Studios translation experts should you need translation support.

XLOC streamlines localization in over 60 languages, including, Spanish (European, Latin American) French (French Canadian, European) Portuguese (Brazilian, European), Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Hebrew and many more. We also support both Western and Eastern source languages across the board.

XLOC is owned by Keywords Studios which has fantastic translation services (and money deals can be made depending on the number of Keywords services you use) however you can choose and use the translation house or translator that works best for you. XLOC works the same way, regardless of translation process or service.

XLOC incorporates and adheres to your unique game terms and does offer a glossary of lookups and matches, but keep in mind that XLOC is a process management solution rather than a traditional translation service.

XLOC gives Producers the power and visibility to coordinate and manage all localization tasks online. An easy-to-use dashboard provides full access to all languages, as well as the QA, Developer, Reports and Producer tabs to track project progress from start to finish. Schedule a demo to see how XLOC simplifies the Producer’s role.

XLOC helps Developers organize and manage assets for all languages throughout the localization process. A robust and adaptable interface provides immediate testing capabilities, build checks, a centralized translated library, tracking of the translation progress and more efficiency in QA procedures. Schedule a demo to see how Developers drive localization efficiency with XLOC.

XLOC lets Translation Managers track all language translations in one central location while letting them know exactly where each version is in the process. Schedule a demo to see how Translation Managers benefit from using XLOC.

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation demo. We’ll set up an online, interactive session that allows you to see exactly how XLOC works firsthand and learn how your team can benefit from our solutions and services. During the demo, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions regarding your titles, platforms and processes. All information remains absolutely confidential to protect your technology and intelLectual property.

XLOC is priced on the number of strings in the game (s) and the number of games. We create a one year licence which includes an AWS server and some complimentary support hours, though the client may also use their own client side server where XLOC is loaded up to the server and we just ask you give us access.

Yes. Introductory training sessions and interactive demos are free and readily available to familiarize and educate your team on the robust features and functionality of XLOC solutions. Our experts are always here to help and more in-depth training can be arranged by contacting us directly. Online training videos are coming shortly.

Yes. When you engage XLOC, you will interface with the same people throughout the localization process, including a primary systems architect and support team members. All interactions are documented, so you can access and reference your complete project history and archives at any time.

Yes. The XLOC team is happy to provide introductory sessions and interactive demos to schools, community colleges and universities for student education and training.